Dave was at a party, he took some beers from the freezer. He took a look around the group sitting on the couch and asked; “Who wants one?” Steven said yes, Mark said yes, Thomas nodded, and Patrick raised his hand enthousiastically.

Steven was ready for a good party. He didn’t really think about whether drinking beer or not tonight. It was a part of the plan all along. No party without beer, he said yes. Let the party begin!

Mark didn’t use to drink. His dad was always an alcoholic. Even though he didn’t had any emotional relation with beer. He always thought about that night when he found his father passed out on the toilet. He always was afraid of ending like that as well in 20 years. But he wanted to overcome that. He wanted some acknowledgement from his friends and be cool. He already complained that much about his childhood. So Mark said “Yes”. Let’s just have this party, I won’t get addicted.

Thomas always went a little weird when he got a little tipsy. Over the past months Thomas got a little bi-curious and certainly when he had some drinks. Lately, he was having some feelings about Mark. Mark was so mysterious. He wanted to refuse these feelings because he wasn’t sure whether his friends would accept this, and he was almost sure that Mark was straight. Nevertheless, tonight it was a party, things might to get loose and Mark just accepted a beer, which is a little exception. Let’s go for it, and Mark nodded.

Patrick loved the taste of beer. There is no drink that tastes anything like beer. It’s not like that crazy sugary drink like coke or sprite. Beer had a distinct taste, very pleasingly. Patrick knew that Dave always bought good beer for his parties. Patrick just got thirsty thinking about beer. So he raised his arm enthusiastically when Dave offered him a yellow-one.

Thought behind the story:
This story was written to show how different paths all result to one result; saying yes to a question. However, there are many if not infinite different paths that lead to a decision which is the same for everyone. But they all have very different reasons for doing what they do, Just like every individual. Some thoughts go really deep and analyzing, while others are shallow. Some paths come from the “top”,  where everything is great, while other paths come from the bottom and raise to the top, where the paths meet each other. 

The story also illustrates the complex social dynamics during social interactions like parties. The thousands of “thoughts” we have within a few seconds.


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