Thought on this piece:

I don’t know a lot of Mondriaan, I don’t how the theories about his techniques and how we places, and colors his squares. Nonetheless, I have theory how he does it. I think he plays with the balance and imbalance on the local, but also on the global level. I think there should be some imbalance on a certain (local) level “like that square does not belong there”, but then these non-fitting square finds its balance on a different level, where it makes sense again. Furthermore, you can see a (sort of) diagonal across the art piece which might be quite upsetting in such a cubist setting; “everything should be horizontal and vertical”, there is no place for diagonal lines in a Mondriaan painting. However, I didn’t break the rules; I sticked to the cubic rules, being just on the edge of the chaos.

I know this piece is not perfect, and could be perfected. But I don’t make time for that because there are currently no benefits for me.