Hi, welcome to my website!

On my website I write about Quantified Self experiments  and about theories of life using the theory of complex dynamic systems (systems thinking).  In 2014 I started measuring myself using wearables and quantitative diaries, and I do this until today (July 2019). To structure the experiments, to make friends understand what Quantified Self was, and to share my findings, I set up this website (in 2015). My self-tracking activities are of quite an holistic nature, because I believe my happiness, health, stress, sleep, and other behavior is interconnected and all contribute to the way I feel. Therefore, you can find articles ranging across many subjects; from understanding what makes me happy, to why I eat, how I got twice as strong in a month, to my mobile phone addiction, and so on.

By taking all the things I’ve learned together in this video at the Quantified Self Conference, I found that life was quite complex, dynamic, repetitive, and that everything is interconnected. I stumbled upon the theory of complex dynamic systems as a result of my experiments, which resonated with my perspective of life. I learned a lot about this theory, and by using this method, which is hardly applied in human life, I was able to comprise all my thoughts about life in several theories. These theories are mostly focused on the mind, health, behavior, our interaction with the environment, and on the things we appreciate (art and beauty). I wrote theories (for example) about habits and how to change them, viewing yourself as a complex dynamic system, the balance of life, and the association between space and activity. Moreover, I started to focus on more fundamental thoughts as a base for more applied theories and I started to write short studies which supported my theories. I also published a few of them on my website. Jut take a look around!

But is this about me?
You could question whether the things I wrote above are about me, on which you were supposed to get an answer to as the title of this page suggests. A lot of my life is described in the experiments but also in the theoretical pages. However, there are also many things not discussed on the main part of my website. Like the fact that I live in the Netherlands, with my girlfriend. That I like nature and going for long walks. That writing is a hobby of me, and also enjoy physical experiments like playing with visual illusions, drawing, and playing with fluids, magnets, gravity, and epoxy-resin.  I also draw a lot, mostly abstract painting where patterns and perspectives are the main subject. 

I have a masters-degree in Human Movement Sciences and work as a project manager on the Healthy Workplace and as a researcher for Measuremen. Recently, (July 2019), I’ve been providing workshops to several groups about patterns and systems thinking as I believe it is a useful tool for understand life and the self. Moreover, I’m setting up a PhD in this field however it is hard to get funding here. 

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