Thanks for your interest in me!

I’m a Dutch young adult living in the North of the Netherlands, born in 1991 but I try to age at my own pace.  Therefore I like to be conscious on what I am doing and like to experiment with my behavior. Currently (December 2015), I am doing my Master’s in Human Movement Sciences with the specialization Healthy Aging at the University of Groningen. I am doing my thesis project at the Quantified Self Institute and plan to graduate in June 2016. Previously I received my Bachelor’s degree in Sports, Health, and management at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen. At the Hanzehogschool I learned to become a Lifestyle adviser and specialized in lifestyle interventions. Besides my studies I work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. And now I’m planning far ahead!

As you would assume, one of my biggest hobbies is Quantified Self. Next to this hobby I like to do sports (more team sports), travel inside of Europe (with AEGEE) and outside of Europe, and lastly I like to hang out with my girlfriend and other friends. I also need to confess my special and geeky interests, which are dinosaurs and Star Wars.

Have fun on my website!




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