Once there was Peter. Peter grew up with a failure in his brain. Peter looked different at time. Peter’s view was a little bit slower than usual. When he saw something moving, he didn’t really saw it going from place to place. He saw it moving like some kind of blur. Peter’s vision was like a long- exposure camera. So when Peter’s cat was moving from the window to the backdoor, Peter saw a long stripe, like a blurry worm ranging from window to the backdoor.

The strange thing was that Peter somehow saw his cat being at all these place in one moment. When he saw the grey blur of his cat across the room, he saw his cat at the window, as at the backdoor, as in all the places in between. His cats movement was all happening in one time frame for Peter. So when Peter’s cat jumped in the air halfway, he saw this jump at every place happening within that time-frame. For Peter, the whole worm jumped up. At the window, in the middle (where the cat actually jumped), and at the backdoor. His cat was at multiple places at the same time.

Even though Peter’s cat was able to make different actions when walking from the window to the backdoor, from jumping to crouching. Every actions was averaged for Peter into one frame. He saw the average of every action, like some sort of distribution, every configuration the cat made when walking from Window to backdoor, was merged into one large entity. Therefore, the uncommon configurations were less saturated then the common configurations. The body of the cat was more clear than his blurry moving legs.

The interesting thing is, that Peter saw his cat at multiple places at once, and that every movement from within the frame, had an effect on the movement within the frame. So when the worm was in the air at the window, he was in the air at the backdoor. And when the worm was on the floor in the middle, he was on the floor on each position, at least, the movement made a blurry influence on the whole wormy creature.

The movement of the cat was entangled with each other across the frame, for Peter. Peter just saw the same cat at different places, and therefore they were unbreakable connected. There was no way to break the entangled cat, because it was actually one cat. If you would build a barrier between the two ends of the worm, the cat would find a way to cross it, because it was already at two places at once. Building the barrier actually wouldn’t make sense, because the cat is already there.


Thought when writing this story:
This story is written from a view that the our human brains might work quite differently from those of animals. A small difference in (visual) processing speed might result in way different perspectives of the world. It makes me wonder how well we see reality. We actually often forget the patterns and dynamics of objects moving through time because we are only able to see the present. I believe this distorts our way of seeing reality as it is.

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