Below I have listed some of my major life questions. Many of these I will never be able to answer, but all of them keep me living with a purpose.

Q: “What is more important; subjective experiences or physiological measures?”
R: in order to figure out what is the most important thing to measure.

Q: “How can subjective experiences and physiological processes be consciously altered?”
R: to have more control of my body and achieve more health/happiness.

Q: “How open do I want to be with my data?”
R: I believe in openness but this has certain risks regarding the people around me, and also my future self.

Q: “Focus on processes or products?”
R: I believe there is a certain balance between focusing on both, but I don’t know what the balance is.

Q: “How do fractals and self-replication fit in the existence of the everything?”
R: I see fractals in a lot of different ways appearing in the world around me, I want to discover this to make more sense of everything.

Q: “Is there randomness?”
R: I don’t really believe there is randomness, but I think that is hard to reduce randomness to zero. But how much could I be reduced?