Below I have several questions listed that I want to answer during my life. These questions are Quantified Self related.

Q: “How much does tracking itself affects my perception?”
R: Tracking increases focus on a certain subject, and therefore it might be affected by the process of tracking itself, but I don’t know the exact impact.

Q: “Can I reduce my sleep hours while keeping effective sleep quality?”
R: Sleep costs a lot of my time, I can do more with that time.

Q: “What are the longer term effects of bad sleep on me?”
R: I didn’t analyzed this yet because it needs a new statistical method (or some method I am unaware of). I am cautious about doing this.

Q: “Can I get a subjective concept have totally explained using regression analysis?”
R: I want to see if I life is reductionistic in some sense to see if everything can be measured.

Q: “How can biofeedback alter my experiences directly?”
R: I want to use direct biofeedback on my data to understand how it influences and helps me.

Q: “How can I, and do I want to publish my QS-data directly on to my website?
R: I think it is beautiful to be 100% transparent with my data, and therefore publish it directly. Nevertheless, I don’t know how it influences me and others.

Q: “How to export GPS data to csv-files?”
R: I want to use that data for my blogs and projects. 

Q: “How can I provide myself with personal automated feedback?”
R:  Receiving personal feedback using my data would be a great experience.

Q: “How rhythmical is my life?”
R: I have some clue’s that there is a large rhythmicality in my life.

Q: “How self replicating is my life?”
R: I see a lot of things happening over and over again in my life. (related to rhythmical question)