Little Johnny was a little baby. Sometimes little Johnny couldn’t get something to drink, he just lied there, he had pain in his stomach but no one could understand him because he was unable to talk, so he cried, and he cried, he felt like dying. Little Johnny slowly learnt how to talk, and to see. His mother smiled when Johnny looked at him. But sometimes Johnny’s mom left Johnny alone. Johnny didn’t understand why, Johnny cried, he missed his mom so much, How could she leave him? Johnny cried, he felt like dying. Johnny grew older and wanted to develop himself, he went to primary school and needed to make friends. But it seemed like nobody wanted to be his friend. Johnny felt lonely, he cried when he came home and hugged his mother, he felt like dying, so alone. Johnny turned twenty and had a girlfriend for a few months, but someday his girlfriend left him. Johnny didn’t expect that and cried, and cried. He told his friends how heartbroken he was and that he felt terrible, almost like dying. John turned 40. He was working but then his manager called him in. That was unexpected, his HR-manager was there. John got fired. John came home to his wife and kids, and started crying, something that Sandra didn’t see in a long time. John wasn’t sure with what purpose he was living for anymore, who would hire him now at this age? John felt like dying. John turned 85, enjoying his retirement until he felt a pain in his stomach, he just lied there. No one could understand him because he was unable to talk. He cried, and cried, he felt like dying.

Thoughts behind this story
In this story I play with the fact that everything feels quite the same from each perspective of age. I repeat similar patterns through different ages. The amplitudes of waves over time change change relative with age, but feel the same for the one who experiences these emotions. 

Moreover, I played with the fact that “feeling like dying” is often relative, and everything will get better. Like the a teenage-breakup will feel like the end of the world, but the story shows that Johnny still managed to fin a wife and kids.

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