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I’m a Dutch young adult living in the North of the Netherlands, born in 1991 but I try to age at my own pace. My, thoughts, and the things I am curious about, say more about me then the titles I have. These are more targeted on the future, then just on the past. Nevertheless, I don’t mind showing them.

Currently (May 2018), I am working as a researcher and project manager at the Hanze university where I am connected to the Quantified Self Institute. I work(ed) on several project related to Quantified Self, coaching, and the adoption of self-tracking technology. Currently, my largest project is the Healthy Workplace; where we use sensortechnology, wearables, behavior change, and a stimulating environment to make employee’s work healthier (see website in Dutch).

During my studies I worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer at Fysiofit Zuidlaren. I have older work experience, but this is not really relevant anymore. Nonetheless, it made who I am today.

I have a Masters degree in Human Movement Sciences with the specialization Healthy Aging at the University of Groningen. Some of the topics I studied were; (exercise) physiology, the (aging) brain, dynamic systems, philosophy of Science, statistics, and math. I performed my thesis project at the Quantified Self Institute. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Sports, Health, and management at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen. At the Hanzehogschool I studied topics like behavior change, lifestyle interventions, muscles, exercise physiology, and coaching. 

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