What I (want to) do


I want to work on projects that for the world, are holistically focused on wellbeing and thus sustainability in a creative atmosphere that fosters freedom of self-expression, mutual growth, dependency and autonomy. 

I want to:

– Stimulate creativity, give a sense of freedom in thinking, and a need for autonomy
– Physically make the world more resilient (biodiverse/balanced)

– Experience meaning, impact, self-realization, happiness
– Extent my capabilities (learn, improve, cooperate)

Work with me:

Creative thinker

Workshop facilitator



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Appearances in Podcasts

Energy talk: A Dutch-spoken podcast with Chungmei about systems thinking, energy, holism, and more.
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NBBU-Podcast: A Dutch spoken podcast with Victor Broers about how future organization might look like natural ecosystems
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Speaker, facilitator


I speak at events and facilitate workshops about systems thinking playing with-, and showing natural principles. I often use relatable examples about living such as pattern formation (of habits and crowds), synchronization of walking and dance, or coupling of space and time in every day objects and words. If the setting is right, I play games with the audience to really experience what is going, and foster the creativity that arises from using this different, systems thinking mindset.

Strategy Core-team

2020- Currently

As core team member of the Systems Innovation network I provide learning sessions about complexity theory and systems thinking/innovation. Furthermore, I facilitate and organize events for our community and make systems innovation happen.

Researcher and creative

2018 – Currently 

At Measuremen I work as a researcher and write blogs and whitepapers about work life, such as healthy working, work(place) strategies, and meaningful work using all the data we gather from organizations worldwide. Furthermore, I also have a creative role in developing new services and tools.


2019-2021 (unfinished)

I was working voluntarily (without getting paid) towards a PhD-degree on the topic of Self from a complexity science and ecological psychology perspective. I worked on the boundary of psychology, philosophy and human movement sciences to study the role of dynamics, interactions, synchronization, fractals, and multi-scaledness in defining our sense of self. This topic was however too niche for me while I didn’t benefit me (and the world) enough. In other words, my broad range of interests (which you can see on my website) felt to have more fun and potential for me.

Project manager, product manager and researcher


At the Hanze University I worked as a researcher, project manager, and product manager mostly regarding topics about Quantified Self and wearables. I worked on healthy workplaces using sensors and wearables, researched qualitative and quantitative (health) experiences of a health intervention, and worked on developing a Health/self-tracking challenge app.




Masters degree: Human Movement sciences (University of Groningen)
Bachelors degree: Sport, health, and management (Hanze university)

Course: Facilitator for Systems Innovations
Summerschool: Complexity methods for human behavior
Personal trainer, lifestyle coach

Although I have quite some work experience and degrees, my path is mostly shaped through an internal drive which doesn’t always connect to the societal structures. If you envision a path to connect and work with me, please do, send me a message!

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