What I (want to) do

I want to work on projects that for the world, are holistically focused on wellbeing and thus sustainability in a creative atmosphere that fosters freedom of self-expression, mutual growth, dependency and autonomy. 

I want to:

– Change the way people think and (physically) relate themselves to their environment.
– Physically make the world more resilient (biodiverse/balanced)

– Experience meaning, impact, self-realization, happiness
– Extent my capabilities (learn, improve, cooperate)

Work experience



Self employed: facilitator, guest speaker
Measuremen: Researcher, writer, product developer
University of Groningen: PhD-candidate
Systems innovation network: Core-organizer

Hanze University: Project manager, researcher
Quantified Self Institute: researcher, ambassador
Fysiofit: Personal trainer, Fitness instructor




Masters degree: Human Movement sciences (University of Groningen)
Bachelors degree: Sport, health, and management (Hanze university)

Course: Facilitator for Systems Innovations
Summerschool: Complexity methods for human behavior

Work with me:

Creative thinker

Workshop facilitator



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Although I have quite some credentials and work experience, my path is mostly formed through an internal drive which doesn’t always connect to the societal structures. If you envision a path to connect and work with me, please do, send me a message!

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