Contribution questions

Q: “How can Quantified Self like methods be more useful for others?”
R: I think QS is a strong tool, but there is a lot of resistance towards it.

Q: “How can I contribute to the fact that companies might manipulate us by using our/my data against us?”
R: There is a large risk of companies controlling our future lives.

Q: “How can I contribute to make self-tracking data result in a more open, honest, and transparant society?”
R: I believe that open data sharing can contribute positively to our society.

Q: “How can I make (a lot) of money?”
R: In order to invest in my goals, to be able to share knowledge, and to give more to charities.

Q: “How can I share my quest/knowledge effectively?”
R: I believe that knowledge transfer is very important, and I believe I have some interesting information and knowledge that might benefit others.

Q: “How can personal Quantified Self practices contribute most effectively to the world?”
R: I see connections and options but in several branches, and I don’t know exactly which branch fits the best for me, and has the largest impact.

Q: “How can I reduce the way of my own consumption and possibly that of others?”
R: My consumption is incredibly high, I think I can reduce that.

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