Everyone has a great time

Peter wasn’t a smart person. Why would he need smartness? Peter loved to party and game with friends. He laughed much more often when drinking at the bar compared to reading a book. Peter worked as a salesman at the call-center. Peter loved his job. He had a lot of fun with all his colleagues and made jokes with his customers. Peter was a great talker and knew a lot about Football, the best places in town, and had a sneaker collection in his closet. Peter had a great time.

Jack wasn’t a pretty person. Why would he need to be pretty? Jack loved to read, learn and to solve problems. He learned so much more while reading his books compared to talking when talking to his family and friends. Jack worked as a scientist at the University. Jack loved his job. He had a lot of inspiring conversations with his colleagues and went to interesting conferences. Jack was a great writer and knew a lot about physics, fluid dynamics, and had a historic drawings collection in his closet. Jack had a great time.

Simon wasn’t a social person. Why would he need to be social? Simon loved to play games. He enjoyed himself so much while playing on his Playstation compared to being at the bar or when reading books. Simon worked as a programmer at a software developer. Simon loved his job. He had a lot of fun with programming code and developed great software. Peter knew a lot about WoW, and had an action figure collection in his closet. Simon had a great time.

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