Flowing within the waves

There was this guy, who believed he got dropped on this earth as an individual. As someone who could do whatever he wanted, fully autonomous, fully himself. With unlimited possibilities he would grow and develop himself. Like a droplet he would emerge on top of a quiet pond. But it was nothing of that all. This guy was thrown on this earth, as a helpless baby, in a turbulent ocean. It was a place where the waves where smashing all around him. Where he submerged into the large waves and just needed to flow along with the strongest currents. At early age, he holds the hands of his mom that guide him across the waves. His mom kept him above the surface, cause he would drown without her. His mom brought him to places that she desired. He didn’t have a large say in the matter. He grew within a culture that he was placed within, as his mom was placed in hers. Sometimes, the waves around them resonates with his mother, but smashed upon him. But he couldn’t survive without her, he couldn’t let her go. So he swallowed the waves that smashed upon him to stay close to his mother. He internalized the waves he evolved in and identified with them. His school appeared to him, his study was an easy choice to flow along, and at the end of his study, he stranded upon his job. The guy became an adult. He let go of his mother but stayed fairly close to her. He picked some different waves and was always flowing along with the tides he enjoyed. He was still young, so he avoided large collisions, and searched for the fastest currents.

But then, this guy figured something out. He found out that he could make waves himself. He moved his hands and waves emerged. Small waves, but waves. His message translated across the droplets that were close to him. Their current changed and they came closer or drifted away. He stuck around the droplets that resonated with him and they influenced each other. At an older age, this guy also learned how to guide. By listening to other waves he could manipulate their paths and guided them towards the directions he desired. He could flow along with larger waves and modify their paths. This took less effort, but guided him towards the right directions. He didn’t need to be the large wave, he could just be the small wave influencing the waves around him.

But the ocean was large and turbulent. This guy might have controlled his wave. But larger waves could always flow along crushing his path. He had no ultimate power, no ultimate wave he rode, no unlimited energy. But he had one quality, and that quality was to flow along, to not get crushed. To flow along with the strongest energies, to timely notice the dangerous currents, to search for mutual flows, and be together.

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