Growing clothes

In the theme of my future cities, I will also start with a somewhat flamboyant outfit. This outfit seems huge and very unpractical. But that’s okay in the future. Because outfits change. Yes indeed, future outfits are able to grow: increase in size when it’s desired, and shrink again when that’s more necessary. Flamboyancy also becomes a more fluid term, like a bird one could expose and expand ones true feathers once desired, and hide it/shrink it when more practicality is desired.  Growing fashion would also be a very useful solution for children to sustain fit across age. 

Living clothes

Clothing is thus alive (like plants/fungi), it’s growing, but relatively controlled across your body. With a symbiosis of technology and nature, one is able to control the growth rate of the clothing, however this costs energy, and maybe some time to happen. For more thin, silky like material, or expanding feather like bodies this is less difficult to do. Growing and shrinking fashion makes one able to continue wearing the same pieces of clothing but changing it appearances across the seasons.

Embedded with smart biosensors, the clothing is able to adaptively change to sustain body heat temperature between desired limits.

Adaptive and connected clothing

Clothing knows wear and tear. Through embedded sensors and AI-models, the clothing recognizes (potential) holes and common pressure points, changing its shape and strength. More advanced clothing recognizes frequent movement and adapts accordingly.

The future clothing has also sensors directed at the ground, recognizing the floor and its environment. Unexpected bumps and potential threats i.r.t. the position and movement of the wearer can activate the clothing giving a proper response (e.g. expanding, hardening, softening). Each wearer has control over the rules of these parameters. 

Self-sustaining clothes

The series above portray the “explorers”. Considering we have a filthy intoxicated future planet. The clothing provides fresh air for to breath from using an internal ecosystem. 

Feces can be used for the soil of the ecosystem and (filtered) urine to supply the clothing, making our waste directly recycle back into the system.

Clothing that tells a story

The symbols you see on the clothing of the people represent a visual language that I’m still developing. A story about ones past, and goals. Colours and symbols of the clothing could thus be changeable using the input and (physical) data from the wearer. I hope to have a redirecting link here in the future about this story.