Below you can find several sketches I made about some ideas for future vehicles. I’m not sure whether they all work, are efficient, and smart to have flying in the sky and rolling through the mountains, but they were fun to draw/design.

The beetle glider

This beetle glider has expandable and retractable wings that can make it find the best current to sail through the air, catch updrafts like a balloon, and draft downwards,

Future airplane wing changer aerodynamics adaptive airplane helicopter

Gas roller

This gas roller is re-distributing the gas while it is rolling across the surface, the various sensors in its body tell when, and how much pressure to put where. The mechanism should hardly pollute the environment because it doesn’t consume gas, it just redistributes it, making it roll around. However, the technology that redistributes the gas does consume some energy.

The carp boat

A boat with an open front that sustains its stability and hosts small water turbines that generate some power for the back tails that guide the direction.

Road transportation

Read the whole story of road transportation here:

Future of road transportation