Co-evolving with nature

In general I think we should more co-evolve with nature to be able to make it and to let plants, animals, bacteria and microbes flourish because we need them very much. I think we can find our way by applying bio-based design, bio-mimicry, and systems thinking, to our own social world to understand the world much better and to co-evolve along with it. From this perspective, the sections below demonstrate several visions I have regarding these specific topics.

I’ve also published some conceptual products on this page (lik a multi-scaled clock) because I think this is the best place to share them.

Future cities

I think and hope the cities of the future will be be much more growing along with nature instead of working against it. I envision structures that are build with distributing heat effectively, form along with the flow of water, and guide it to be re-used within the system. Buildings and streets might change shape adaptively with the flow and grow of people, plants and animals. I think bio-based materials equipped with bio-based sensors are therefore essential in the first step. Over time, we might actually start living in living buildings where we can shape trees and mushrooms and live inside/with them. In this article I further elaborate:

Future city working with nature
Nature future city cathedral biomemetics
Curvy city center square of the future

Future offices

I designed a few pictures of future offices while taking the current trends of working and office design into account. But a bit more than that. I thought of a new way of working towards sustainable working with new sustainable business models in ecosystem offices.

Future of transportation

I believe and hope for a future in transportation that is more efficiently and less individualized, more adaptive and works along with the energystreams of their environment. I believe in a transportation system where vehicles are adaptively coupled together making super-vehicles when necessary and change form/function with the environmental conditions.

I think we can learn a lot more from the way animals behave, so the vehicles below are an imaginative  and fun example of that (biomimicry and bio-based design). I’m not such an expert in the mechanics of vehicles so use your own mind to think of a way that would work if these examples are incorrect.

Future of road transportation
Future airplane wing changer aerodynamics adaptive airplane helicopter

Future fashion

Read and see sketches of living and adaptable clothing that tells a stories and sustains itself and the wearer.

The explorers with growing clothing
Growing gown fashion wind drawing

Organisations of the future

Human bodies are examples of organisations which have formed by nature through a de-centralized, multi-scaled way towards a complex dynamic systems which we often coin as “organisation”. I think we should embrace this way of organizing much more in the future. The video on the right is an example of a business model I came up with that is formed in such a way. 

In a broader perspective, I think we should re-evaluate our values and think broader and include the values of people out-of our sight and of nature and distribute our resources more evenly. I know several Blockchain initiatives are thinking in this direction as well.


I hope and think we will look more holistically and at people and at the world, and regard them as complex dynamic system embedded in a larger system. I hope that we adopt a more circular and systemic view where we accept that everything affects each other and realize the effects of our actions. This will lead to a higher realization of dependency (as you are an interconnected node in a web), and search for our personal part in the multi-scaled and complex dynamic system, while sustaining all the parts within it. I hope we find ways to visualize the flow of this system and guide it accordingly, guiding waste and noise into something useful. This means open and transparant communication and respect for each other. This system, always has an environment and interacts with it. I think it should be more of our job to search for synergies with our environment and search more directly for our shared values, leading to harmonious systems.

The video on the right shows my video about systems thinking which goes along these lines.

This section could use more depth (and is a work in progress).

Want to make the future with me?

Want to draw or build your own future together with me? Want to design your clothes, houses, cities, or society through natural shapes and principles? Together we can make that work. I need people too. We can think, sketch, experiment, and build a future we would like to live in. I am in for making this happen. Shoot me a message!

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