Humor out of theory

Playing with humor.

Q: What caused you to come here?
– A meteorite 65 millions year ago

Explanation: the questioner assumed a description of the recent thoughts of the past 20 minutes from the respondent. While the responded did answer the question correctly, only expanding the time frame over millions of years, including thoughts of chaos theory. 

Q: What made you torture that cat?
– A long and devastating childhood of abuse, bullying, lack of control, and the feeling of being at the bottom of everything. You have to understand that for my whole life, I got only bossed around, doing disgraceful things without having the ability to change anything. I was a puppet of gods, acting their will upon my body. Once I was free, that first moment of freedom, I finally had the chance to control something. A feeling I didn’t have before. Indescribable.

Explanation: the questioner assumed an answer including free will and had no real comprehension of the acts of the respondent. While the respondent annihilates free-will by describing, upon great detail, everything that brought him here.

Q: Why do you laugh so hard?
– Mostly because of a large lung volume contracting a flowing across my throat. With the distinct movement of my mouth I make these hard laughing noises.

Explanation: the questioner assumed an answer on the psychology-perspective. However, the respondent answered the physiologist perspective. Nevertheless, his answer was right because the two layers cohere with each other.

Q: What did the government cancelled their nuclear bomb program?
– Because of one guy was able to switch his shift with a co-worker and was therefore able to join the rally and hold up a sign that was filmed by the news channel. The minister of defense watched this news-item and was impressed by the signs and the effort of joining this rally, and took this as one of the reasons for cancelling the nuclear bomb program.

Explanation: the respondent took one small detail and took that as a cause (what is was) upon the the largest reason to answer the questioner. Chaos theory is also here included and is better described in this blog

Imagine a house. It has a rectangle shape, and has a large window upfront. You can open this window from the top, it’s like a sideways door. Within it there are layers apart from each other. The layers of the house are solids made of metal. You can put your food in here. On the ceiling there is an enormous light. And once you rotate the button on the side, this giant light heats your food until 250 degrees Celsius.

Explanation: The quiz starts here with a concept in mind. You start with a house in mind. Slowly, the details turn out that the description is about an oven, how this works is better described in this blog. 

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