Sandra and Bob had a meeting planned together. They walked into the room and sat on the chairs. Sandra started to talk about the goal of the meeting and Bob agreed.

In the meantime, there was a little purple box floating mid-air within the room which seemed to refute the laws of physics.

Bob started with the agenda of the meeting and asked Sandra whether she completed the tasks she was assigned to.

The little box started to change colour each second, it started to show colours that were never seen on earth before.

Sandra told Bob that she completed all her tasks except contacting Frank, Frank was on holiday. Bob nodded and told Sandra that he heard from Peter that Frank was skiing in Canada. Sandra said she just got an auto-reply in her mailbox. But she was jealous of Frank, such a nice period for a small holiday.

The shape of the little box now started to shift in shape in accordance with the change of colours. From a square, to a sphere, to a torus, and to many complex geometric shapes.

Bob agreed with Sandra. Bob said he didn’t like January and February; Bob argued that these months were always so dark and dull. But let’s get back to the meeting now!

Then, the colour changing shifting thing started to move across the room. Sometimes is hovered slowly, sometimes it stretched like a putty from place to place, and sometimes it just warped from place to place. Then it suddenly warped in front of Bob’s eyes.

Bob couldn’t see Sandra anymore and pushed the object aside. The first priority of this meeting is to agree on the flyer that the communication team produced. What are your thoughts on it Sandra?

A small branching object emerged from the object what started to make a sound, it was a soft sound, hardly noticeable.

I like the font, Sandra said. The pictures are great. I like the colour use, but I don’t really like the consistency in the alignment of the headers and the text. Bob took a closer look and he agreed with that. I like this alignment but I dislike this one, while pointing at the flyer.

The sound from branching object started to get louder and louder. It was a weird low pitch sound, sounding like large rocks colliding rumbling in the mountains.

Bob, I can’t really hear anymore what you are saying. That thing is making a lot of noise! Sandra said. What is that thing? I have no clue Bob replied. I wasn’t paying attention to it because it didn’t interrupt our meeting. Me neither, Sandra replied. Why should we pay attention to it when we are busy doing our job? That wouldn’t make any sense. Yes, exactly Sandra. Well, maybe it’s of quite some use for science? True, but that flyer needs to go out by Friday. You are right Sandra. Let’s go to another room, I want to finish the flyer. Yes me too. Maybe B.105 is empty? I hope so, because we didn’t reserve another meeting room. Otherwise we can go to the Café with a cup of coffee? Excellent idea Bob!

This is a highly improbable situation. Most people will immediately be drawn to the cube, even though it doesn’t help us with anything. I believe that our minds can’t handle something that they couldn’t understand. And that argument was ignored in the story. I believe the mind need to place all the things it sees. When you don’t understand something, you could either try to solve it, or run away from it (ignorance). Thus, you want to focus on the things you understand. However, when something is refuting the laws of physics, it is impossible to turn your back to it, even when you don’t physically need it. But that is what these people managed to do in the conversation; they ignored it completely by having some super focus, which is plainly weird. No one would act like this. 

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