There was this one guy, we called him Loopguy. Loopguy was stuck in some loop but also wasn’t. Namely, Loopguy was stuck in a loop of eternal variation. Loopguy tried to do something new each day. Through variation, Loopguy tried to find ultimate randomness. Things could change and change and change for him. But because everything changed all the time, Loopguy found stability into change. Because if everything changes all the time, isn’t it then always the same? You could expect the variation, so it’s not that much variation anymore. However, you wouldn’t know what the variation is, because that is infinitely complex. But variation becomes predictable, but also not. It’s some loop of variation, seemingly paradoxical. Nevertheless, Loopguy knew about his loop, Loopguy knew he was playing with variety and stability, Loopguy could go back and forward through his loop. He knew that normal people where close to stability, so he went back to stability. Stability, the place where things were repeating and repeating, the place where people watch TV, the place where you go to work each day, repeating and repeating. In this world, there is stability and change doesn’t go that fast. Loopguy wanted to take the smaller loopers by the hand and follow him. He said; come with me, let’s go to variation. Let’s go to a place you don’t know, let’s discover, let’s create. Sometimes this was hard to do for Loopguy, sometimes he was way too far within the randomness. Sometimes he couldn’t connect with logic anymore, according to the normal people. Loopguy was in too deep. He was so deep into variation, that he found the deepest stability. It seemed that Loopguy went from ultimate randomness to ultimate stability; he crossed the spectrum. Through variation he found stability. He found the structure of the universe. How could Loopguy do that? Loopguy believed that with ultimate entropy, ultimate variation, things become one again. When a fluid diffuses in a liquid, its spreads and diffuses evenly until it becomes one unified liquid again, and whether you perceive this as one new liquid is just a point of view. Loopguy believed that when thing disintegrate, like plants, body’s or rocks, they form the basis again for new structure, the continuous cycle of life repeating itself. So Loopguy could reason both ways, from variation to stability, and from stability to variation at any given point. But Loopguy mostly liked to search for the paradoxical “ends” of the spectrum. The ends that normal people believed to be as ends.

Loopguy went from the deepest meta-stuff, to the most random things within a few seconds. He could connect the most absurd humor, the craziest events, the most random accidents, with the deepest questions there are; what is humor? What is subjectivity? How many dimensions are there? What is the infinite? Are we one? Does everything always converge to one point, and does it then start over again? Do the branches of the tree spread out and come together again? Does entropy increase to total divergence and does it then diffuse into unity? How did the universe emerged from total unity? Or was there always something? Can I control my convergence and divergence? Do I control my path? Do patterns emerge once you look at them? Could you zoom in infinitely and always discover new things? And what would you see at the end of your zoom? But can you also zoom out and ever see everything? What do you see when you see everything? Could you see an ant in the grass while seeing the whole universe in one view? Could you even see all the things lying just in front of you? Could there be anything that could process everything? Is there stability or variation in asking these questions?

Loopguy believed in the infinite, he believed in (his own type of) donut universe, a universe where you can end in one spectrum and then start over at the other side. He didn’t know where it ever would end, but he loved where it would go, cause as long as you go, you know there is always something deeper, every day he learned something new, some variation, a new dimension, something that leads him somewhere. Even though Loopguy was flowing across the deepest questions; how we evolved, how culture emerged, what the self is, where we were heading to, Loopguy was nothing. Loopguy was no philosopher, no biologist, no was anthropologist, no physicist. Loopguy just crossed these area’s to find the deepest attractor, the deepest point, the point where everything converges. Questions of God arose, not that he was religious, but just because of the fact that he came close to the divine. The place where everything is. The place where everything is one, a place where there are no differences, where is no war, no fight, no distance. But if Loopguy turned around and zoomed out, he saw everything emerging from that single point. From this point the paths diverged; where time splits from space, matter from structure, atoms from life, life from animals, animals from species, species from breeds, and breeds from individuals. But if you take one perspective and look at this single individual, this individual becomes one again. An individual is one. Nevertheless, each individual consists of infinite complexity. Your current existence, of you as an individual, is a result of 13 billion years of evolution, all coming together to this current moment, where you are considered to be one person, as crazy as you are. You are the one who can control divergence and convergent, you are the one who can zoom into things, you can open up your paths, you can consider these same objects to be of infinite complexity as of infinite simplicity. A car is much more complex for an engineer than for a teenage girl driving it. While wearing a nice outfit is much more complex for a teenage girl than it is for an engineer. Consider then; that you have to power to open the doors you want. You control the endless loop of variation.

But with every variation you’ll find a new infinite. You could search for the infinities between each decimal, but you could also search for the infinite across numbers, where the decimal infinite represents depth, and the countable infinite largeness. But for Loopguy, they are both just as beautiful. All the infinities are the same for Loopguy. For Loopguy, there would be no inherent reason to travel because the decimal infinite is always close; Loopguy could go to Africa to see the elephants but Loopguy could also zoom into the bacteria he has at home, showing their weirdest bodies. Loopguy could go bungeejumping to search for the ultimate rush, but could also experience the kiss of his lover as the ultimate rush. Loopguy could control his direction, he could control his zoom, he could open everything. And once you open everything, you will find the infinite, you will find unity, you will find the one.

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