Michasov, Michael, and Tom.

Michael was a smart man. His main hobby was to understand the world a little better. He studied quantum mechanics and had a hobby that was very important to him. Michael was a programmer and made simulations. He always liked to play the Sims when he was a kid. And after he programmed, “They Game of Life” at an age of 12 he envied every simulator game there existed. His own hobby project was a real-life simulation just like the Sims, but better. Within his simulation, he tried to use natural laws that governed the world. Michael watched his simulation and watched his people work, relax, sleep, and hang-out with friends. Whole cities developed and people where having fun, the economy was doing great, and the Simulation was working properly.

But then, there was Tom. Tom was a Sim within Michael’s simulation who wasn’t like any other Sim. Michael was surprised by Tom’s behavior. Tom walked really close to objects and investigated their forms. Michael was worried that Tom saw the pixels within the simulation so Michael increased the resolution of the Simulation around Tom. From the data received from Tom’s output, Michael saw that Tom wasn’t satisfied, while Tom was on his way to the shopping mall. Tom bought a big camera and went back home. Tom wanted to dismantle the camera and use the lenses to look closer at the objects in the simulation. No one had ever dismantled a product before within the simulation. So Tom sat down and started a difficult project. He had no clue what to do. He did see someone cutting trees into smaller chops the other day, so Tom bought a chainsaw. Michael was watching this, and couldn’t make the camera indestructible. So Michael had to build a full program to make the parts of the camera. Michael needed some books to find out what was inside of the camera but he managed to do this before Tom really managed to open the camera, luckily Tom’s world could slowed down or completely paused. While Tom had the lens, and started to zoom into objects, Michael created molecules within the simulation. Tom build better microscopes, Michael build atoms. While Tom made devices to play around with the atoms, Michael learned from some physics books how atoms behave, and build their code into the game.

Michael loved Tom. Tom was someone who kind of resembled himself. Therefore, Michael did everything to make Tom understand the world a little better. This increased the quality of the game and everything in the Simulation got a little better. Other sims started to investigate as well, and they found out the things Tom already found out. Some sims started to work on different things, like the human body, travelling the world, or space itself. Michael couldn’t keep up with writing all the extra lines of codes to keep the Sims satisfied. So Michael hired Peter to help him with writing the code. Peter was a physicist working on the code of the large universe, he introduced Einstein’s laws into the simulation and made everything work accordingly. The leading physicist within the simulation, Ben, was pioneer on physics within the simulated world. Ben was building several radars which he pointed towards the sky to understand space. He made many discoveries like general relativity, which were solid theories. While Peter was working on the physics, Michael stayed with his favourite Sim; Tom. Tom was discovering the laws of Quantum mechanics, which Michael build into the simulation. Tom loved his new discoveries, and Michael loved the way Tom had his euphoric moments. Everything worked out great.

Until one day, the Sims Tom and Ben met each other at a conference. Tom was telling Ben about his findings on Quantum mechanics and Ben listened carefully. Ben was flabbergasted. Tom’s laws of Quantum mechanics didn’t match at all with the general relativity of Ben. The two Sims were desperate. In the real world, Michael and Peter were desperate too, they were building so hard on the game individually, that both of their code didn’t match. What now? Michael and Peter where desperate, they started to make a theory that could bind quantum mechanics with general relativity. Meanwhile, in the Simulator, Tom and Ben were doing the exact same thing, but only a few steps behind. They were also working on a theory that could bind quantum mechanics with general relativity. However, Michael and Peter couldn’t make up a theory, they just didn’t know how it could be bound together, no matter what they tried. The only thing they could do, was to accept it. It was just beyond their minds. Tom, Ben, Michael, Peter, Michasov and Bastiansson, were all on a huge quest.

Thoughts behind this story
Just a story about how we could live in a simulation, that is inside a simulation. How things in our world don’t add up. How we could feel like almost understanding everything, but that a new question arises with every new step we take forwards.
Feeling like it’s an infinite journey.

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