My phone unlock history

This picture above gives a broad overview of my phone unlock data for the years 2017, and 2018. There seems to be a yearly pattern in unlocks, but the overall unlocks are decreasing a little bit (I am happy with that). I turned of my vibrations (only with calling my phone vibrates now) and pop-up notifications are turned off, reducing my phone use.

The daily pattern of phone unlocks is very clear. Between 22 PM and 8 AM, I hardly touch my phone. That does not mean that I sleep during that period though. Quite often I do, but when I don’t sleep after 22pm, I spend time with friends or family and not on my phone. Between 9-17 are usually working hours, and use my phone the most often. I do use my phone often for work purposes like making calls, Linkedin, and Whatsapp. But also for small breaks I tend to use my phone at work.

It is good to note that phone unlocks say nothing about phone use duration. This is quite a different topic, and I even wonder whether they are significantly related. But that is for another blog.

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