3D-handprinted creatures

Original series

Nature series (printed wood and natural elements)

3D hand printed printpen animals nature moss

Building a moving animal

A 3D handprinted animal with a skeleton body (yellow) and flexible muscles (black). The muscles are not able to contract by themselves yet, they are now just rather flexible ligaments. 

Altogether, this is a project in progress.

The game without rules

Spel zonder regels kaartjes

The game without rules has rules. But they are not predetermined. The cards you see on the pictures are prompts to invent a game yourself. In other words, you are stimulated to be creative and think of a game you can play. The card categories are: As who do we play? What are the teams? What do we do? How do we win? and How do we make decisions? Plus, there are “Random additions” to make the game more fun.

You can pick a card which together make a variation of possibilities to guide the game into a balanced, creative, but most of all, a weird and fun game. 


Only 48 pieces, square tiles, no easy side pieces, and no front picture. A puzzle full of trickery and traps, a real challenge.

Conceptual wearables

A multi-scaled cyclical clock

This is a design I made for a new clock. It doesn’t add/change that much about presenting the time, although it can show many different cycles in a limited space (without using words). It also has some interesting features as described on the picture. Personally, I don’t believe in time as a fundamental thing, as shown  in this video I made, but thought it was fun to make this clock.

Interested in any of these products?


I like making animals, humans, aliens, and to experiment with new objects. If you are interested in having one, send me a message! I think I can make any animal you want, but let’s have a chat to decide the animal, size, colour, type, and price.

Puzzle, game and other products

Many of my products are conceptual or have only one (prototype) available.  Are you interested in trying out, co-developing, publishing, or any other nice collaboration? Let me know!

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