I welcome you here with some self portraits.

On this page you can find all my paintings and drawings. I like to experiment and vary with style and media, expanding my experience. The work you see here is just a small selection. I work on several series, such as the flurmels, multi-scaled drawings, and colour book drawings. But also have many independent pieces. In the future section you can also find various drawings.

Some side notes:
I didn’t take classes and I don’t use tracing techniques nor rulers. I am considering to do classes but I would like them to fit with the way I want to create.

If you’re interested in any painting or drawing, let me know!


Writing a book of life

Want to be the first to receive it?

I’m in the progress of writing a book of life. It’s a combination of visuals with texts explaining my systems view of life. I’m quite far already. Are you interested in having it? Write down your e-mail to be on the first to receive the book.

Ink and digital

Paint – diverse

Digital / photo

Receive and support

A colouring book

Buy my colouring book with more than 20 different drawings that boggle your mind and make you: discover new alien animals, experience weird structures, feel crazy natural patterns, dive into infinity, sense a shift in gravity.

A painting

Interested in having one of these paintings/drawing on your wall? I’m open to selling my paintings. Some of my work is already on sale ( as NFT’s) on Rarible. And I also have many other works not shown here. Send me a message through the button below or an email to info@justintimmer.com) to discuss what you’re interested in. I’m flattered at least 🙂 

Commission work

I can also make personalized drawings/paintings. I’m best with fineliners, but there are many possibilities.

It is also one of my goal to display my work at a gallery. Do you see any opportunities? Let me know!