Peter the planet

Peter was a planet, orbiting in space, day by day he flew through space, orbiting through several large bodies in the universe. One of the things Peter the planet was attracted to, was Sandra, Sandra the planet. Sandra and Peter were swirling around each other, they were attracted to each other. But Peter was also attracted to his work, so sometimes he was pulled to his boss, Mike the planet. Then Peter left the orbit from Sandra to orbit Mike. When Mike didn’t need Peter’s help, they lost attraction and Peter went back to Sandra. Peter and Sandra swirled and swirled until one day they grinded each other and they lost little dust and rock particles from their surfaces. The dust and rocks started to swirl around Sandra, and it followed the orbit of Sandra. The rocks clumped together and it became a little moon. They named the little moon “Lumo”. And Lumo started to swirl around both Peter and Sandra for years.

But one day, a large planet drifted inside the orbit of Sandra and Peter. Sandra was immediately attracted to him. This large planet called himself John, John the planet. Sandra started to orbit John. Peter desperately tried to pull Sandra back in his orbit, but John’s orbit was too strong. Little Lumo was confused, his orbit around three planets was so weird, he just couldn’t understand. John didn’t like Peter and their orbit didn’t match so they collided into each other. Peter was smaller so a large piece of Peter came off. This made Peter heavily damaged. His orbit was so fast and so disturbed that he left Sandra, John, and little Lumo and drifted away. Sandra didn’t pull Peter back to her orbit, so Peter was alone. Peter drifted towards empty space. Damaged, shaped like an ugly egg in a weird fast spin. Due to his shape he couldn’t work and orbit around his boss Mike anymore. He hardly couldn’t think straight. After a while, his cracks recovered, his shape became round, and his spin reduced. He started to look into the black and empty space. And the more he looked, the more stars shined brightly on his eyes. There were plenty of stars that attracted him. Peter was happy. There were millions of new chances waiting for him.

Thoughts behind this story
I’m playing with the thought of how the physics of planet could be related with human lives. How gravity could be related with physical attraction. How habits could be orbits, and so on. 

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