In this small project, I played with multiple levels and tried to associate them with each other by synchronizing their content. So the content should be aligned on both levels, therefore it becomes easy to synchronize them. With our highly associative we take these two levels together, and they kind of merge in our mind. Nevertheless, the transition between the levels should be on the right spot to evoke the associations (think of Pavlov’s dog). As a result, you read the wrong text and leads you to weird conclusions in the artworks below. In psychology this phenomenon is tested within the STROOP-test, where colors are associated with shapes. I am sure this trick I made is a common trick in marketing. But I’m no expert in this field. Personally, I do not like this kind of marketing so this post is to increase awareness across the readers making them aware of their associative mind.

I have also written a blog about transitions (and how to play with them) which goes more into depth. You can read it here.


Here the actual sentences are quite disturbing


More subtle (differences using fonts and boldness

I have written a blog about transitions, and how to play with them using this style as theory. You can read it here.

A longer study making everything a little confusing

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