The life project

Since 2014, I started tracking myself using a diary and doing various experiments using quantitative data. This is also known as “Quantified Self”. In my diart I collect about 40 variables a day including my sleep, work, and subjective daily experiences such as happiness, stress, meaning etc (this is known as lifelogging). Read the article, ” What do I track?” to get more info. I have also done many experiments which you can read below, or scrolling through the bar.

Over the years. I started also writing and drawing more in little books. You can read more about this in Theory. 

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Experiments that changed me

Stopped wearing a jacket for several winters, use cognitive self-training and measured effects.

Without working out, I developed and tested a method that increased my strength tremendously (and had some weird side effects)

An experiment to consciously become aware of my working patterns, finding paths to improve it

Articles that changed my view on life
(towards a complexity mindset)

The way my movement in my city looks like a neuron branching

Strong interconnectedness of all aspects of life

Clear large-scale yearly rhythms (on top of daily-, weekly- and monthly rhythms)

A clear difference in structural coupling strength

Summarizing videos

Journey of my Quantified Self life

The fractals of life

My life in 40 variables

The journey of happiness

Understanding the statistical factors that make me happy

Understanding and relating the different dimensions of happiness, and working towards meaning

A theoretical blog, looking holistic at happiness

Rhyhtmic dynamics of life self tracking data quantified self


Video analyses of experiments

The evolution of my health and happiness over years