She is as beautiful..

As a mighty rainbow appearing after heavy rainfall brightening the sky.
As a fox running around happily across the snow searching for something to eat.
As a part of scrap just missing your face after a big explosion leaving your undamaged.
As hearing the gun say click in your desperate all or nothing Russian Roulette game. 
As entering a cosy restaurant on a cold Autumn day, and then seeing its starts to poor outside while you order a hot chocolate.
As watching at Earth from space.
As the jumps of a dog who missed you after your holiday abroad.
As when the outcome of your formula exactly matches the numbers on your review-sheet. 
As the experience of the most psychedelic experience you ever had.
As a wedding dress that looks beautiful, fits rights, and is useful for your wedding.
As a new born calve walking clumsy through the grass.
As rain falling after a long period of drought, stopping the wildfires.
As a mother cat taking care of her kittens by licking their fur.
As wrapping paper that just fits the size of your present perfectly.
As a grateful comment on the blog you’ve written from an influential person.
As a student who asks enthusiastic questions after the teacher’s lecture.
As finding the right friends who enabled you to express yourself.
As talking to someone who understands your problems just right.
As Sun-rays shining on the horns of a deer in a silent forest.
As 100.000 vibrant butterflies emerging from the cave flowing like an orange swarm.
As the first smile of a baby when she sees the eyes of her mother in front of her face.
As the Roulette ball falling on your number that you bet on with the money you needed for next-month’ rent.
As a violin-player silencing an audience of 200.000 people.
As a traffic-jam that just dissolves when you ride into it.
As the sun appearing after a day of heavy storms.
As when you are late at an appointment, but your partner is even later.
As a phone falling from 1 meter but somehow the screen didn’t break.
As the confirmation that your calculated architectural structure seems to be legit.
As your difficult recipe turned out exactly as you planned it to be.
As a thick layer of snow just falling in the mountains the night before you skiing.
As your cutting-edge theory is being directly accepted by your reviewers.
As your risky request is accepted by the government that makes you do great things.
As a dance group being exactly in sync with each other.
As an Opera-singer crushing her difficult solo receiving an enormous applause.
As a government who listens to the large-scale demonstration you helped organizing.
As a perfect haircut that blows away your husband.
As a pitch that sells your idea to your investors.

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