I experiment with writing stories, poems, tables and other uncategorizable stuff to discover and talk about the mind, behaviour and the universe, in a fun indirect way. Sometimes I can’t transform my thoughts (experiments) directly to theories, so I start writing short stories to express them, discover them, and to communicate them. The patterns and structures are thus hidden within the texts for me as a writer, and for you as a reader.

Many things I write are therefore also not meant to be pretty, or might not make that much sense directly. If you’re wondering about what I tried to discover/communicate with a story, just shoot me a message. 

A start for a science fiction story

I’ve made a world/universe of four different systems, with four different characters from each world that I plan to explore into a shared journey across the four world. I’ve already made an audiobook chapter. But I don’t have a shared journey/goal yet. So if you have any input, let me know!

The arrows of purpose

Visual stories

In the visual stories I use tables to and other structures to communicates my thoughts about concepts as multi-dimensionality, scale, behavioural coupling, synchronicity, and fractal paths.

I just want to understand everything (the endless path)

Layered freedom (multi-dimensional communication)

Boom! (A multi-scaled story)

The timelines of Mark and Bob (Butterfly effect in conversations)

You can see and read more in my book

Movie scripts

I sometimes like to make movies in my head. Often they have kind of a loopy character. “The heartfelt journey” is a drama movie that loops with the audience of the movie.  I will add more of my ideas later.

Writing the book of life

Want to be the first to receive it?

I’m in the progress of writing a book of life. It’s a combination of visuals with texts explaining my systems view of life. I’m quite far already. Are you interested in having it? Write down your e-mail to be on the first to receive the book.

The fountain – ASMR relaxing nature story

65 stories bundled in a book of stories about everything, nothing, everything in between and beyond.

Each, about one-page story, is the result of thought experiments, questions, and other expressions. All revolving around how the mind and the world works. Some might be weird, some might be mind bending, some might be considered to be unreadable, but all have some deep thoughts behind them. This also means they are not necessarily fun to read. But I hope you will experience them as thought-provoking, makes you philosophize, and look differently at yourself and the world.