I experiment with writing stories, poems, tables and other uncategorizable stuff to discover and talk about the mind, behaviour and the universe, in a fun indirect way. Sometimes I can’t transform my thoughts (experiments) directly to theories, so I start writing short stories to express them, discover them, and to communicate them. The patterns and structures are thus hidden within the texts for me as a writer, and for you as a reader.

Many things I write are therefore also not meant to be pretty, or might not make that much sense directly. If you’re wondering about what I tried to discover/communicate with a story, just shoot me a message. 

Visual stories

In the visual stories I use tables to and other structures to communicates my thoughts about concepts as multi-dimensionality, scale, behavioural coupling, synchronicity, and fractal paths.

I just want to understand everything (the endless path)

Layered freedom (multi-dimensional communication)

Boom! (A multi-scaled story)

The timelines of Mark and Bob (Butterfly effect in conversations)

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