Sam was sitting in his house. She was thinking about the things she saw on TV. Her favourite series was on and she was totally immersed in to it. For a moment, nothing but her series existed in her world.

But then suddenly, the doorbell rang. The external source popped up the presence of the doorbell in her thoughts. From totally non-existent in her current thinking-world, the doorbell now existed for Sam.

Sam went to the door. The existence of the doorbell implied that there was someone existing behind the door, as the doorbell is just a medium. But when she opened the door there was no one. That was strange. She checked the doorbell and it worked properly, so a 1 in it is function, should imply a 1 in the presence of a person behind the door. 

She closed the door, and she thought about who could be behind that door, it could be either someone or no one. She thought about her series again, and the presence of someone being behind her door just vanished. There might be people behind her door, there might be no one behind her door. In her mind both options where non-existent but mutually possible.

But Sam was still a bit scared of the event of no one being at her door. So she dismantled the doorbell, and hired a guard. A guard is more than a medium, so she could rely more on him. They agreed he would only yell if there was someone at the door. The guard stood there for a while, until people passed by her door and the guard yelled. Sam came to the door, but the people were already in the distance. I only want to know when people are really at my door, Sam said a little bit irritated. The guard said; sorry, but how could I know that? Well, they need to stop and give you a signal that they are there. Should I install a bell? The guard asked. Sam got furious, no that is not what I want at all. The signal needs to give a signal! Presence should mean presence! Existence should imply existence! And when things not exist, I should not be aware of it. If they exist in my mind they could exist in my mind. But if no one can imagine a new colour, it could not be drawn. If I see nothing behind my door, there is nothing behind my door, but then this nothing is something. Is something of nothing is information, it is a signal. I can use that.

The guard was a bit confused by her outbreak and asked: should I yell “AAAA” when there is no one at the door and yell “BBBB” when there is something at the door?  Well yes, maybe. Sam replied confused as well. She went back to her series, and the yelling started to reach her ears. It was constant monotone “AAAAA..” implying that there was nothing at her door.

After a few weeks, Sam heard the monotone “AAAA..” for such a long time that she filtered the presence of nothing to an actual nothing. She forgot that her guard was there, while she became immersed in her favourite series again.