The evolution of my health and happiness

I plotted a dynamic animation of the relationship between my Happiness (y-axes) and my Health (X-axes) over the past five years (from 2014 till 2019). I wanted to investigate how you could make this, and whether it’s insightful. On the top of the GIF you can see the “Entry” (1), starting in 2014 and evolving until 2019 (about entry 1750). Each dot presents the relationship between my happiness, and health on a day. The size of the dots represent the amount of physical activity I perceived to have on that day. I used this source to make this animation.

It is fun to see the evolution of my health and happiness over the past years. But to make it really insightful I would like to add more details to this graph, like a trace of the relationships, the overal occurrences over time, and colors for the dots. However, I don’t want to invest in that right now because a) I have limited time, and b) I lack sufficient programming skills to do that easily.

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