This game has rules. But they are not predetermined. The cards you see in the pictures are prompts (written in Dutch) to invent a game yourself. In other words, you are forced to be creative and think of a game you can play. The card categories are: As who do we play? What are the teams? What do we do? How do we win? and How do we make decisions? Each category has a pile of different options. For example, “What are the teams?” has options like; all together, everyone for its own, etc.

You can pick a card from each pile (if you want) which together makes a variety of possibilities for a completely new game every time you play it. There are some extra guidelines on how to guide the game into a balanced, creative, but most of all, weird and fun game. 

Het spel zonder regels

Interested in (playing) the game? Shoot me a message and we’ll work things out 🙂

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