You are here now, in your life. Exactly at this moment in the present. From this point on, you continue your life. You have so many doors to open. Which path will you choose? There are countless ways to go. Where do you want to go? You open a door, and walk into it. You discover a new room and find new doors, new paths to go. You open doors and find new rooms, new doors, new rooms. What are you searching for? Innovation? Love? Money? Health? Happiness? You open new doors towards your desires. With every door you open, you get closer and closer. You understand more, you gather more, you feel more beauty, more happiness. And if not, you’ll open different doors. You go on and on, opening new doors, getting closer, closer and closer. Are you almost there? Almost at the end? You need to go on, your search for beauty urges you to keep going, but you cannot find the end. You will go on, go on until…. You don’t know until what, whatever you find, it will not satisfy you. There is always something new to discover. You will deepen your path or find new paths across your life. Every next door you open will always be something more than the previous one, a new life lesson, an experience, a necessary step in your progress. The beauty of life will increase and increase with every door you open. You fly across the doors in circles and circles searching for beauty. The circles expand every time you open a new door, getting you closer to the next door. Almost there, almost there. You chose to search for something, why can’t you find it? When are you happy? Where is the end of innovation? What is perfection? You go on and on.

Until, you have no urge to open any doors anymore. Then, you’ll stay there. With your hand on the handle, not interested in whatever comes next. You let go of the future. Not interested in more money, more health, more happiness. Settling for what there is now. Then, everything there is now, is good. You reached beauty, you ended your search, you reached the end of the maze. The endless hunt for infinity slowly settles towards a fix point. You are there, completely motionless. You’ll stay there, between all the doors. Refusing to open anyone of them. Everything becomes the same. From variation into order. You close your eyes for everything. Your energy leaves your body slowly. This is your end.

But during your hunt of life, you opened the doors, discovered the rooms, and structured the maze. You left traces in the rooms, making it easier to find the new doors for the next generation. You have build upon our path of humanity. You smoothed the path for your followers, their followers, and their followers. Humanity will zoom deeper, will get closer to the decimals, closer to the Planck length, and will expand the maze thanks to you. Everything you have done, and haven’t done had an impact on the universe. Your impact is infinite, as little as it is, spreading across generations. Nothing really ever dies. Nothing ever really stops. Some will settle at a fixed point once in a while, but the dynamics of the universe will keep it moving. There is no end. There is only the infinite. Your energy will always exist, in total order, disorder, or close to the edge of chaos, it will be there. You will be there, somehow, in some state, in some universe, assisting the opening of the next door.


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