The purple glitter ball

The purple glitter ball Do you think that when I throw the purple glitter ball, would a girl then catch it, bring it to her lover, giving her the courage to tell how much she really loves her boyfriend, but also talk about the aspects on which they could improve? Would then her boyfriend see the purple glitter ball and completely understand what she is saying, and would he then go search for help with quitting with drinking? Would he then go his course and write a letter from his future self to himself, stating what he would possibly become if he goes on with his drinking behaviour? Would then his mom admire the purple glitter ball and would she hug her son, giving her support to recover the relationship they used to have? Would this then make the mother feel more fulfilled and happier, increasing her work performance and increase the satisfaction of all her customers improving the lives of many people? Would the purple glitter ball do this? No it probably wouldn’t.

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