The statistical difference between weekdays and weekends

This just a very short blog to show the statistical differences between my week- and weekend days. Data is from 2014 until 2017.  In the first table you can see the differences in value’s and see (with green) which of the value’s is significantly higher than the other. 14 out of 21 value’s are significantly different, which implies a lot on my activity.





In the figure below you can find a correlation matrix and view the strengths of correlations with the brightness of the colors. You can also find a different structure here. The figure shows that my behavior is more stable during the week (more significant and stronger correlations). While in the weekend there are less and different correlations.

These outcomes provide me some questions: how do we deal with timeseries data in regards to week and weekend data? How important is self-conditioning in our daily life?  Read more about self-conditioning here:  

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