I thought it would be nice, and interesting for my thought system, to imagine a world I don’t want to live in. First because of my speed of thought and inability to type along, I would list several main things I don’t want in that world. This might also include several spelling mistakes/slightly inaccurate naming

I don’t want to live in a world where people feel:

  • Pain – Anything multi-scaled negative (the direct inability to pleasure, to discomfort, to annoyance, (don’t about anger/disgust), abuse, until a horrific feeling of pure pain)
  • Where things/feel or are constraint (or as far as little as possible)
  • Feel a lack of force
  • Feel anger, hatred
  • Feel a lack of emotions
  • Feel a lack of depth
  • Feel a lack of love
  • Feel like they cannot trust anyone, or are secluded
  • Feel lonely, the bad side of tears

Feel More important than others

I don’t want to live in a world where people do:

  • Destroy (break things)
  • Abuse (multi-scaled unbalanced relationships)
  • Push away (multi-scaled) as a sign of feeling more important)
  • Pull the things that don’t want to be pulled

I don’t want to live in a world where people are:

Are hateful (and not love)

Are not themselves (instead of being/showing differents)

Are only thinking of themselves 

I don’t want to live in a world where people have:

Have things that destroys things, or are being made through a pattern of destruction.

Why things shouldn’t be destroyed

I think things would rather not be destroyed. But what not and why not? We cannot destroy nothing. As humans we need to eat. I could say, destroy little as possible, but this means we need to starve ourselves while being barely surviving. I think we should focus on (relative) making, and make more than we destroy. This must then account on every layer. To the most stupid question: do you also want to make and create soil/dust/crystals? Or can I not destroy soil in your world, as if it feels pain/doesn’t like to be destroyed? Well in general, I in fact don’t like those things to be destroyed neither. Although, when I look through my room, I’m also surrounded by many destroyed (and possibly hurted) crystals and other descendants of mother earth. 

But then I realize, destroying is also a relative term, what used to be stick, became a spear, was burned to ashes, diverged and became many things, through absorption in life itself. circling around and back. Some materials do this different than others.

I do like this looping process and think would should try to sustain some circles as long as

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