The You in the environment

Did you ever try to walk through a wall? Sometimes we want to be somewhere, but our paths are influenced by the walls, buildings, and trees around us. Sometimes our environment is in our way and prevents a linear path towards our destination. We choose to avoid the objects and navigate around them without any problem. We don’t feel obstructed in our way when we pick the route that is there already. We often choose the route of the least resistance. Some people before you, have determined a path for you, making an altered road that is no linear path. Almost every road we take today is with curves; essentially meaning in its fundament that it is not the most efficient path. However, it is not efficient at all to go through the core of the earth to reach the other side of the planet. Curves sometimes make roads easier but not more direct.

But we are not born in a world that is restricted from anything. We are born in a world where the paths are lying on the floor, the walls are built, and even the routes through the air are determined. There are not many places anymore where we can navigate exclusively through our own cognitive desire. There are paths in the deserted mountains, routes across the oceans, and lines across the parking lots that make us travel in a structured way.

Freedom and creativity
Although we feel the freedom to choose the way we go, the things we do, the clothes we wear, the studies we do. We are not. We are dependently formed by the environment around us. The paths of the least resistance are there and we usually form with it. We accept the laws of our country, we use the technology that is there, and buy the clothes which are already there. Many creators and artists try to resist this (easy path), they want an individual say in their own reality. They make their own clothes, deviate from the law, and make things that no one ever made before, this is what we call art and innovation. Creators change our current reality radically. But everyone changes reality, as you are a part of reality. Your human body is a part of everything. Creators try to have a more radical impact on the things that are now, and add a lot of variation on a stable world. This is a new path of energy for some, but noise for others. Other people just flow along with the existing paths and have a good time. They don’t question the walls and the doors around them, the paths on the ground, and the laws that guide their behavior.

You against the environment?
But you could wonder what is better. Is the environment a threat? Should we resist the paths that are there? Are things not in order? It depends on what you desire. Your desire emerged from the world you live in. However, your perception of the world is skewed. No one really knows everything from the world. You have followed your own path and seen the things you’ve seen. You have interpreted the things you’ve seen, and thought about the things you interpreted in a non-linear fashion. The world you live in is just your world, and no one else’s.

But the weird thing is, that your world is created based on the path you’ve chosen. You’ve chosen the ways that were permitted by the environment. You cohered with the laws of physics. In other words, you haven’t chose a road the environment prevented you from doing. You haven’t broke the walls that limited you. You haven’t seen things are not there. You haven’t broke the laws op physics. Everything you see, feel, and do, is real. It might be just as real in your own reality, but it is all real. Nothing is not there. You are created with these rules and they guided you towards where you are right now.

Although it might seem now that you are fighting against your environment to sustain yourself, it is important to realize that you are not distinct from your environment. Everything around you, made you the person you are today. The path you chose is directed by the environment as you are a part from the environment. You continuously process the environment and use this within. Your actions are related to the expected responses of the environment. There is in fact nothing you can do without affecting the environment. Moreover, your body is formed by food that was part of our environment. Before you lived, everything was the environment. and before the humans lived, there was no environment. There was just the world that included all the material that made us.

So in fact, you are a part of the environment and such, the “ego” somewhat diverges into the environment and dissolves within it if you accept that. When that happens, the ego is lost and everything becomes one. The ego wouldn’t be sustained here, but that doesn’t mean that the “You” completely dissolves. If you completely feel immersed within the environment and flow along with all the information you receive without any resistance, completely grounded, you exist. You just be, you are in flow. Your thoughts die and stress dissolves, everything falls in its place, because there is just one thing. One thing from different material, different clusters of energies, but they do communicate, and they are connected. The energy flows within, it flows through, and flows throughout.

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