In this article I will try to structure my thoughts, theories, blogs and make clear definitions about the most important things, I believe, when it comes to being a human. Calling it a “theory of being” already imposes quite some constraints and separations, but I will try to distinguish, and explain the most basic concepts across this article. I will use hyperlinks to blogs, videos and other material I produced so further explain and to clarify. 

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you agree.

The body

Beings all have a body. A material structure that acts like a vehicle for our consciousness. Humans have a very particular body with two legs, two arm, a brain, a heart, a digestive tract and everything else that you know already. This body provides us the ability to do things, to grab things, to change things. However, there is something that makes humans a bit different than just being their body. Because a rock also has a body. A rock is

A list of things that distinguishes living from non living

  • Bodies from living beings are a combination are a combination gas, liquid and matter
  • All living beings have eyes, or have had eyes across their path of evolution and still have remnants of eyes
  • All living beings exhibit autonomous movement to a large extend (but this relates to the nearly balanced way of the living being
  • Living beings don’t always show simple cause and effect behaviour but exhibit multiple potential responses (but this might be because of complex interactions across different temporal scales)
  • Living beings have a (very) strong urgency to sustain themselves (self is a debatable term)
  • Living being try to sustain themselves on some energetic resources next to heat (e.g. sunlight or heattransfer from their environment) 
  • Living beings therefore have digestive tract
  • Living beings thus have some form of loop
  • Living beings have some internal mechanisms with a function (organs) that changes state by changing the state of its environment but this mechanism often returns to its original state

The loop of being

The earth is rotating. Around its axis, and around the sun. The heat on earth and the gravitational displacement thus also shifts and moves around. 

Heat (through sunlight and through storage in matter) and gravity (the displacement of mass), keeps things moving and rotating, expanding/separating but also converging, and causing emergence.

It might be that the transfer of heat, in terms of energy, causes a path that searches for the least resistance. A path of resistance however, implies there is resistance at several directions and (the area/space) is not homogeneously distributed. The “riverbed/matter/mass” that causes displacement, is some kind of structure (in space) that prevents the need for movement to go to some places, while going preferably to another space.

Earth is such an example, it prevents us to go deeper (the ground is pushing us back) while the “gravity” is forcing us down. Gravity, is a bit on the middle maybe of that pushing down, and pushing back. So why don’t we just dig down?  Let’s write a story about this.

The story of the man who wanted to go down

One day, a man was really done with all that gravity he always felt. He had a few options, go to space and away from all the masses that pulled him. That was too expensive. The second option one was going close to the orbit of the earth. So he could find a place of low resistance (outer atmosphere) or he could go very fast (hyperloop with the speed of the rotation of the earth, because why not). He really wanted to go to zero gravity. But both of those were also expensive. So the man decided to dig down. He brought a shovel and started digging in his backyard.

If he would reach the center of the earth, he would become weightless, gravitiless, in the center of the de-central universe. Because let’s forget for a second that we’re also moving around the mass of the sun. Let’s imagine that the earth is the only planet in the universe, and that the center is the universal core of everything. Lets imagine that.

He started digging and quickly learned about the convergent workings of gravity. It pushes in on itself. It has some circular, 3 Dimensional balance that will change position once its surroundings are imbalanced. What I mean with that, is that the surfaces around the tunnel from the man started to collapse in his tunnel because all the earth around him started to fall down on the tunnel. So the man pushed against it and provided a smart structure that could handle the forces.

Also with going deeper the man experienced the same issue in a different way. It became increasingly difficult to dig for him. Everything was so much pushed against each other. Like diamonds in the center of earth. The push caused strong structures, geometrically pushed together. 

More force was needed and more resistance was given the deeper he came. But he dug, as the ground just tried to be together, surrounded that somehow little ball that seemingly was at the center of the earth, well at least that was how the man imagined it.

That little ball that the man not tried to grab, but to be in the center of this little ball. He sometimes dreamt of being in the complete center of this universe. Looking around while experiencing no gravity at all. Just floating around that center. 

When he dreamt he realized the asymmetry of his body and the effects this had on the movement of himself and the little ball that was the center of the universe, now turned to a moving little ball as it moved around itself. Ellipsing maybe, as he was a non-evenly distributed non-circular shape. With the force of gravity he ultimately would become some little geometrical ball. 

As his body started spinning around this gravitational center, it started to become more and more difficult to stop it, especially if he couldn’t turn around itself.