I’m working on an holistic model of living and the universe to get a grasp of it, and play with it. It’s partly based on complexity theory and ecological psychology, but I was also inspired by my Quantified Self experiences, experimenting with my thoughts by writing short stories, psychedelics, drawing, making models, and discussing it with people. I always carry around my notebooks (see picture above) and some apps (Tap log) to write down my thoughts, experiment and draw.

I think this view is unique since it focuses on how a human relates to its environment using physical/natural principles while taking a novel approach to how we consider time and space. Moreover, the basis is very visual making it easier to grasp and generalizable to different fields. Nevertheless, the theory is still largely incomplete and lacks several key aspects.

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Behaviour, the spatiotemporal flow on the border between the human and its environment.

A short summary of the most important concepts I play/work with.

Infinity plays a massive role in religion, society, and our daily lives but somehow it gets unnoticed. This article discusses this.

Fractals shape our body, shape our thinking, shape our nature. But hardly anyone is aware of them. What are they?

We think with our mind, and behave with our body, sometimes they’re out-of-sync and mismatch. We can train this 

Repetitive behavioural patterns: habits. WHat are they exactly and how can you change them? 

Writing the book of life

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I’m in the progress of writing a book of life. It’s a combination of visuals with texts explaining my systems view of life. I’m quite far already. Are you interested in having it? Write down your e-mail to be on the first to receive the book.

Recorded QS-talks about life

The fractals of life

My life in 40 variables

Abstract of the theory

The evolution of the universe
I believe everything is energy and moves across the universe, the movement of this energy is non-linear however, creating physical matter that swirls and clusters together at some places. At some moment and position in space, the dynamics had such curious (fractal) patterns that the universe started to loop on itself, creating the basic forms of living beings. Here, a perspective (angle, scale) emerged, and relativity emerged. Living beings created an (arbitrary) divide between themselves and their environment: a self emerged.

Living beings
Living beings are a strange entangled combination of matter (body) and dynamics (roughly the mind), being in the present but living across time (the evolution of space). Living beings need to sustain their own system by finding a place in the world where they can find balance but sustain the dynamics. Behaviour is the mean to reach this. They control, and adapt towards their environment to sustain a geometric and rhythmic relationship. As a result, behaviour of living beings is rather loopy (habits) on multiple temporal and spatial scales, while there is an infinite urge towards matter (goals) while experiencing the process (means). Nevertheless, dynamics and matter influence each other creating evolution, and in short, fractal paths. 

Towards sustainable living

One of the results of this process is that the self and the environment become fluid concepts for individuals. Individuals selectively couple with their environment and have a rather egoistic- and conceptual view on the world with distorted senses of reality, truth, and causality. It is my goal to guide these distorted believes and connect individuals back again with nature and reality. For this I use the means of systems thinking, my own data, play with concepts, in creating the videos and articles below.