Towards preaching what you practice

A few years ago I had a course of exercise physiology where my professor was explaining the workings of the lungs and how smoking cigarettes can cause pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. At the end of the course, I walked outside behind my professor, and he went outside, to smoke. We all have heard those examples of overweight diabetes nurses, lazy exercise coaches, and unsuccessful career-coaches. And many of us despise those people. So any good marketeer will put this sentence in his promo; “we practice what we preach!”. That’s a great effort. It’s very genuine to do the things that you convince others to do. You shouldn’t smoke when you convince others to stop smoking right?

However, the weird thing is that with “Practice what you preach”, it seems like the preach come first, and the practice comes second. That, to me, sounds quite weird. This implicates that depended on your job position, you should do certain things. A dentist should have white teeth, and a diabetes nurse should avoid sweets. But in my opinion, your job should not be your prime motivator to do certain things, you should want to do things, and find a fitting job with it. If you care about (lowering) your blood sugars, you might want to become a diabetes nurse. If you care about the functioning of your lungs, you might want to become an exercise physiologist. It should not be the other way around. We should go from practice what you preach towards, preach what you practice. Preaching what you practice. Be proud on the things that you are interested in, or motivated by. Do what you love and find some place to share your love. Preach what you practice!

Follow up question
Is there a place for everyone to do exactly what they are motivated to do? Or is this only for the entrepreneurs?

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