Below you can find a table of all the things I track during the day (updated April 2019). Although it seems a lot, it takes about 15 minutes a day for me. I have cooperated my tracking into my habits, and fill in the diaries when I am brushing my teeth (for example). Secondly, some of my data is collected through automatic tracking through my phone and wearables.

Some of these variable are subjective, often a 1-10 scale, or a texts. While others are objective; hours or amounts. This is not shown in the table.

The years imply in which year I started tracking this variable. I also stopped a lot of tracking, I showed a few of them in the table but there are more (these are the ones I did track for quite a while).

Evening diary   Workdiary  
Happiness 2014 Work hours 2017
Meaning 2014 Focus 2017
Social meaning 2017 Stress 2017
World understanding meaning 2018 Mail hours 2017
Social 2014 Which project 2017
Pleasure 2014 Place2017
Engagement 2014 Other activity 2017
Stress 2014 Meetings 2017
Activity 2014 Transport 2017
Loneliness 2014 Break 2017
Health 2014 Start time2019
Meat 2014    
Alcohol 2014    
Productivity 2014 Other  
Work hours 2016 Blog idea 2017
Last half hour 2017 Wise things 2016
Where most time 2016 Short stories 2018
New things 2017    
Educ. Hobby 2017    
Cognitive effort 2017 Phone automatic  
Fitness 2017 Pictures 2014
Consume healthy 2017 Whiteboard pictures 2016
New input (type) 2018 GPS 2014
PhD 2018 Phone use 2016
Robustness-adaptive 2018   Fitbit/Mybasis   2014
Environmental coherence 2019 Heart rate   2014(6)
Internal coherence 2019 Sleep 2014(6)
Sense of Agency 2019Steps2014
Evening activity 2020
Textual note 2014
Morning diary      
Good night sleep 2015    
Time wake up 2015    
Extra in bed 2015    
Temperature 2015 Stopped tracking
Difficulty getting out of bed 2015 How long was day 2018
Times wake up 2015 Vegetables 2017
Sleep duration 2015 Fruits 2016
Overall quality of sleep 2015 Eat much 2015
Time of alarm 2015 Drink much 2016
Burpy at night 2017 Evening weight 2015
Thoughts at night 2017 Poop consistency 2016
Reason for waking up 2017 Random number2018  
Sleep situation alone/together 2015    
Other bed or not 2015    
Weight morning 2015    

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