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I’m a Dutch young adult living in the North of the Netherlands, born in 1991 but I try to age at my own pace. My current thoughts, and my curiosity imply more about me than the titles I have, and the things I’ve done. This blog is a large part of the things I do and who I am. But I am also passionate about my work. Below you can find a short description of my past. Contact me to receive a detailed CV, containing much more information and activities!

Complexity,  patterns, and life hobby (somewhere in 2016 -……)
With my increased curiosity in Complex dynamic systems, I have given several workshops and lectures on complexity science. Moreover, I have also created a book full of short stories based on Complexity. Lastly, I am working on creating my own PhD-position (but this is a bit harder than expected). And I write a lot on this blog of course.

Measuremen (September 2018-….)
At Measuremen, I work as In-House researcher (read more here). Recently (April 2019) I started working on the analyses and visualization of sensor data, and experience sampling data of office workers. Next to that, I am also active (still) as project manager for the Healthy Workplace.

Hanze University (July 2016-September 2018)
At the Hanze University for applied Sciences, I worked as a researcher and project manager, where I was ambassador for the Quantified Self Institute. I work(ed) on several project related to Quantified Self, coaching, and the adoption of self-tracking technology. My largest project is the Healthy Workplace; where we use sensortechnology, wearables, behavior change, and a stimulating environment to improve the health of office workers (see website in Dutch).

Master degree ( September 2014 – August 2016) 
I have a Masters degree in the two year track of Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen. In the second year of my Master’s I chose the specialization Healthy Aging. I performed my thesis project at the Quantified Self Institute. And wrote a narrative review about wearable technologies for quantifying stress. Some of the courses I studied were; (exercise) physiology, the (aging) brain, dynamic systems, philosophy of Science, statistics, and math. 

Transition program (September 2013 – August 2014)
In order to start my Masters at the University of Groningen, I followed a one year track where I followed courses from the bachelor of Human Movement Sciences.

Bachelor’s degree (September 2009 – August 2013)
At the Hanze University for Applied Sciences, I studied the four year track Sports, Health, and management. At the Hanzehogschool I studied topics like behavior change, lifestyle interventions, muscle physiology, exercise physiology, and coaching. 

FysioFit Zuildaren (2010 – 2016)
During my studies I worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer at Fysiofit Zuidlaren. I have older work experience, but this is not really relevant anymore. Nonetheless, it made who I am today.



(2016-?) Board Effective Altruïsm
I am a board member of this movement because I want to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, not enough people want to achieve the same, and the efforts that we are doing are not always effective. With this movement, we try to research, talk, and reach people to achieve our goal.

(2015-2016) Editor and Blogger at AEGEE-Groningen
At an online platform from AEGEE-Groningen (the Gronoloog) I was an editor and blogger on several articles.

(2014-2015) Chairman of the Summer University committee at AEGEE-Groningen
I was chairman of the organizing team that organized a two-week lasting program for a large group of international students. With the theme “Insane in the Brain” we tried to focus on the effects of psychological dynamics within and between groups, brain-damage, and social exclusion.

(2013-2014) Treasurer of the Activity Committee at AEGEE-Groningen
In this year I was the treasurer of the Activity Committee that organized several activities for AEGEE-Groningen members.

(2013) PR-manager of the AGORA pre-eventcie at AEGEE-Groningen
With this group, we organized a four-day lasting program for a large group of international students. With our theme “LGBT” we tried to raise awareness, and discuss differences among the acceptance of LGBT-right over different countries.


Have fun on my website!


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