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Thank you for visiting my website. I am Justin Timmer, Human Movement Scientist, project manager and researcher. I have this website as a hobby to understand, improve and show myself (read more about why I write). In 2013 I started with Quantified Self practices, and over the years I performed many experiments, and studies on myself using wearable devices and apps. I more and more acknowledged the importance of patterns and this made me view myself as a complex dynamical system (read more about my journey here). Below I explain the structure of the menu’s.

Complex dynamical systems
From my self-tracking activities and experiments I learned a lot about patterns, complexity and fractals, and gained a lot of knowledge about life in general. I confirmed my assumptions  through reading books/articles and watching video’s on physics, dynamics, and chaos theory. With this knowledge, I do the thing that enjoys me most; thinking about life and writing about idea’s. I use a complexity/system/fractal perspective to discover the unexplored area’s of life research. I am sharing my thoughts to inspire others, to hear criticism, and to make some of my thoughts come true. But most of all, I write about my thoughts to make my thoughts more structured, sustainable and easy to share, guiding me towards a more general theory of the mind and life. I believe this is the most beneficial reason for me to blog on my website.

Quantified Self
Every day, I track about 40 variables using apps and wearables, I have been doing this since 2013. I don’t always experiment or change behavior when I track things, nonetheless I have learned many things just by tracking my life on a daily basis. Tracking myself raised my awareness of things, confronted me with facts, showed me unexpected changes, and made me deeper investigate important things. I learned a lot about happiness (and that it is not the most important thing), about stress, my phone use, sleep, my resting heart rate, and many more life-lessons. Moreover, I experimented with many things over the past years to increase my self-understanding and to improve myself. You can find a broad range of experiments like why do i eat?, and experiment that made me twice as strong in a month without working out, or an experiment where I spend a winter in a t-shirt without feeling cold. Lastly, I wrote a few reviews on several self-tracking devices I’ve used over the past years, like the Mindwave-Mobile, the Pavlok, Muse headband, Fitbit Charge 2, Withings Blood Pressure monitor, Basis B1, and Ubiome test-kit.

I’m sure you’ll find an article you like here 🙂

Have fun reading!

Justin Timmer

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