Numbers and math

I’m quite fascinated by numbers and the patterns they have. I’m also quite critical about the math system but that’s maybe because I don’t get it. Nevertheless, I did some experiments with numbers and encountered some weird patterns/linearities. Mostly because no one (in my near environment) cares about these things (and thus I don’t get anything out of it) I rarely work on these things lately.

Playing with audio

I like to play with audio and music. I did several experiments and some of them I publish here. This is mostly because I’m not confident at all about making music because it seems that I’m tone-deaf, even though I like to sing a lot, play the keyboard, and make many other sounds. The things you can listen below are just some audio experiments.

Playing with color

Playing, and understanding color patterns is something I also like to do. In a few different experiments I made a few things.

Word experiments

I like to dissect, structure and analyze words to learn about their origin similarities and differences between them. I make these tables and group them, while writing my conclusions

Games and fun

I like to make games and play with humour just for the fun of it

Some fun ideas


Not many people know this, but I also love to dance. I mostly love improvisation/jamming through various styles. I like to do them all and experiment, from popping, to ballet, to salsa, to breakdance, I move around. 

Below I created this “Dance guide” that could be used for exercises and experimenting with movement. It has several tools that combine several aspects to play with. It is based on complexity theory with my own twist. 

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