In the post below you can find a brief story about describing reality as it is, and how it is formed. I wrote this post to connect the things I am curious about and describe in the articles within this section; these are connectedness, dynamics, waves and spirals, 0 and 1, fractals, balance, coherence and resonance, dimensions, and relativity. The concepts mentioned above are embedded within this story although not always explicitly described. This is my current best effort to describe the way things are, but I realize they are vague, overly generalized, and simplified. Therefore, I see this story always as work in progress, and would love any feedback. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it.

The most important thing of reality is the fact that everything is connected to each other. Everything in history has contributed to the fact that you are living right now. If there was no meteor 65 million years ago, there was no you. If Hitler won against Russia, there was no you, if your parents decided to postpone their plans to make a child by a day, there was no you. If you manage to accept this, you should realize that the tiniest thing you do right now has an enormous effect on the future. Although we are all just small nodes in an enormous network, our vibrations and messages could resonate to the people that are connected to us, and cascading along humanity, making an enormous vibration that changes the future forever (also related to the butterfly-effect).

Nothing is categorized
Everything is connected, but we can clearly distinguish a chair from a floor, a person from a plant. Thus, from our point of view, we are clearly separated from the objects around us. We believe we are different nodes in the connected network of the universe. We categorize objects, people, and behaviour to make the world comprehensible. We differentiate wavelengths to colours, people to races, and animals to species. We make wars over categorization. But worst of it all, we categorize arbitrarily, how it suits us. Like what is the correct way to distinct right from wrong, rich from poor, or one person from a group? You can’t, and in fact, we are all one. Everything is dependent on each other, things aren’t clearly separated from each other. If you would look into your room without having any memory whatsoever, you couldn’t distinguish the walls from your door, the floor from the table, or even yourself from your chair. Your movement is molded by your chair, as your chair is molded by you. Thus, if there was no one to make distinctions, then we are all connected, separation is lost. If we consider this, the nodes in the network of the universe blur together and become vague. The names of our well known objects fade. To approach reality as it is, as a connected entity, we might approach reality as just energy interacting, because matter and energy are kind of the same thing.

A highly simplified and  abstract visualization of how the swirling would look like in reality (in a two dimensional space)

Energy interacts
Somewhere before the big bang, energy was very concentrated at one point. When the big bang happened, the universe expanded and energy flew across the universe clustering together making galaxy’s, stars, planets, moons. When energy (or objects) cluster, it means that it interacts with its environment in a positive way, so they support each other’s existence and find balance in the process. And when clusters don’t attract each other, they fall apart. You cluster with your friends, crystals cluster in rocks, houses cluster to cities, and so on. Through positive feedback loops energy is swirling like a spiral towards one point generating energy over time. We call these clusters “things/objects/animals/groups” when they reach a certain scale, but this is categorization. When smaller clusters swirl or move the same rate and direction, they are more likely to attach to each other. Larger clusters have stronger gravitational forces than smaller clusters so they will attract all the smaller clusters, also known as preferential attachment. Everything finds something to attach to, therefore the universe is full of voids of empty space. Everything needs something.

The relativity created by humans
About 4 billion years ago there was a bacterium who detached himself from nature. Instead of just flowing along with time, he started to spiral around his own axes and created a small cluster. He got the ability to look around but most of all, to look at himself and become aware of his own existence. This made him a living thing, he started to want to exist, he started to grow. Over time, animals, and especially humans decoupled themselves stronger and stronger from reality and got the ability to think about reality itself. A human can observe clusters and make the categorizations through the things he sees. Through categorization, association, and pattern recognition humans started to learn and understand the universe we are living in. From the light waves we named colors, from all the land we saw, we named countries, from all the living things we named species, and from the patterns we saw, we made concepts. Like from the patterns of clusters humans we made the concept of culture, from the patterns in human movement we understood behavior, and from patterns in sound we made the concept of speech and music.

The self within the crowd
And now, you are living, 13 billion years after the big bang. Humans categorized almost every cluster, gave names to many patterns, distanced themselves from nature, and initiated hundreds of wars to distinguish between land, race, gender, and religion. The more we distinguish things from each other, the less we feel connected, the more the self emerges, but the less we feel one with the universe. Just look how we distinguished ourselves from the animals, the nature, and the universe itself. Everything humanity did in the past, makes up your reality today. You wouldn’t exist without it, and you will never be able to ignore it. You are just born right on top of an enormous structure what we call history. You’ve been thrown into a field of connected clusters. Where the largest clusters around you are the most important, while the smaller ones are little bumps. But it is up to you, which clusters you see and get attracted to. How attracted you are to the house you live in, the friends you hang out with, or the job you have. These are all just specks of energy in the largest field of energy that we call the universe. The sizes of the clusters change with our perception and the things we see around us. But we often only want or can see the energy just around us. We make our own universe inside the larger universe. Where your home means the most to you, within a city you adore, a country that is okay, and on an earth you care little about, in an universe you are not aware of.

Sometimes it seems like we are only connected to the things close to us, but this is not true. It is our perception that fools us. We are connected to everything, albeit through some steps in between. We came from everything in the past and we made our own reality which we call; today. Today, where you found your way into existence, as a small cluster, a lump of energy in a connected universe that is only energy. A small cluster, whose vibrations cascade along the world, which change the future forever.

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