I am into complex systems science, chaos theory, fractals and the loops of life. I’ve seen these theories (sort of) being used quite often in several Rick and Morty episodes (like the Miniverse episode). However, the episodes themselves aren’t that much focused on it. Therefore, I have been thinking about an episode that does. Here it goes: This episode might be mostly focused on the loops of life and how variety and stability (order & disorder) play a role in the lives of Rick and Morty. While Morty being on the stability side, and Rick on the disorder (which is also a common theme). Along the episode they discover that order and disorder is personal and the healthiness of the balance between order and disorder. Laws of thermodynamics, chaos, attractors, and fluid dynamics might be discussed as well. I’ve also written a few blogs on attractor habits,  the edge of chaos of health,  the importance of balance, how our mind creates our world that might be used for this episode.

Below I have written a dialogue between Rick and Morty that might be the introduction of this episode.

The dialogue

The episode starts with some situation where Beth, Jerry and Rick fight over their ongoing marriage problem that has been going on and on. Morty follows Rick to the basement after Rick called Jerry a loser.

Morty: Are you insulting my dad Rick?
Rick: We are going in loops Morty.
Morty: We are going in loops?
Rick: We are doing the same thing over again. Their marriage is a continuous loop of love-hate-love-hate and I’m sick of it.
Morty: We did this before?
Rick: Yes, everything goes in loops all the time. But each loop is a little different each time so usually you don’t recognize it. So the loop is actually a spiral that is getting very close to its previous state. A loop becomes a spiral if you add a dimension to the loop.
Morty: We are going in loops? What do you mean?
Rick: We are doing the same thing twice.
Morty: We did this before?
Rick: Yes, everything goes in loops all the time. But each loop is a little different each time so usually you don’t recognize it. But don’t you recognize that every day is the same but a little bit different each time? You sleep, go to school, watch TV, and sleep again? The universe is iterating on itself Morty! That save data-storage, it does not need to render itself each time fully over again.
Morty: We are going in loops?  (slightly scared)
Rick: We are doing the same thing three times already.
Morty: We did this before? How do we stop this?
Rick: Yes, but every time it is a little bit different (slaps hand on own face, annoyed, but changes mood to excitement). We need to go on an adventure Morty! By adding some variation to your life you avoid the loops! We will introduce some disorder to your life to make you approach the edge of chaos!
Morty: I don’t know if I can handle another adventure Rick, not one like the last time where you made me bury myself. I rather have some stability.
Rick: Wow Morty, you are saying different things now! But now you got in that loopy “No Rick not another adventure” state (sarcastic). But that is exactly what I mean Morty! Stability is causing looping behavior. Stupid people do the same thing every day searching for order and loops while explorers are searching for variation and disorder!
Morty: So you say we are going in loops? (slightly scared)
Rick: Oh djeez Morty, not again! Don’t get stuck in that loop! Come with me on an adventure! I have this device.. where did I leave it.. that shows all the path our lives have been going through and all the possible outcomes. We can just skip back and forward using this device. (searching for his device while saying this)
Morty: I rather have some stability Rick.
Rick: What’s wrong with you today?

A possible short outline of the episode
Rick finds the device and shows the stability and variety patterns of Morty’s life. It is some kind of glasses where they can see all of Morty’s life decisions stacked up in one image (showing the variety of his behavior). Or it could be a portal like mechanism that can switch from dimension to dimension. Later on the episode they focus on Rick’s path and find also some interesting results. I won’t write the full episode here because that’s too much (probably unnecessary) work.