Is it worth it?

You are reading this. You don’t know what is coming. Is this worth it? You are reading this. You still don’t know what is coming. Is it worth it? Repeating the same two lines. Doesn’t seem to be worth it? You still don’t know what is coming. I’ll tell you what is coming. I want to make sure you are actively thinking about reading this. I want to make sure that every few seconds you are conscious of the fact that you are reading this. To make you question if something is coming. And I want you to decide whether you think it is worth it. I want you to know that repeating the multiple lines does something to you. This text doesn’t seem worth it, you still don’t know what is coming. I really want to address what is coming now. You really need to be thinking about the fact that you are reading this at this very moment, right now. You are here. Although, everything in the future looks so soon, the future comes closer and closer It is never here. Although you think about what is coming, and you’ll decide later whether it is worth it, the coming itself is already the thing that is now within you. It is the coming you are excited about right now. Nothing is coming, everything is always on its way. You were already there. You are reading this, you are here, this is it. It is worth it.

Thoughts behind this story:
In this story, I’m playing with repetitions, and getting closer to something that never seems to come. I’m repeating many sentences with just adding a little information, just enough to keep you reading. Like a line that almost, but never approaches zero, like a fractal that goes on until infinity. Ending with a cheesy statement that the journey is the important thing. Emphasizing on the “Now”.

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