I was thinking of a fictional universe that puts together complete different type of (alien) new characters. I developed these worlds and characters based on a few contrasting polarities. Below you can find the Grovon system, Kososia, Krosto, and Livwidivo with their description of their people, cities, and activities. 

I think bringing completely different characters from each world together (across different worlds) gives interesting dialogues where opposing and complimentary values and needs are discussed. Divided into separate chapters/book, the characters will explore and experience each system. 

I’m more interested in exploring good dialogues between extremities over hero-stories, so I am thinking of making it a rather chill journey instead of a full blown war kind of storyline. However, would be nice to have some kind of journey across the chapters. 

I’ve made one (prototype) audiobook of discovering a first planet and that worked quite well.

If you have any thoughts, additions, or this sounds amazing to you, let me know! Below you can send a message!