The guy who wore one shoe

One day there was a guy who woke up in the morning. He dressed himself, put his shirt on and his trousers. When he grabbed his socks, but he only put one sock on. Nobody really knew why. He didn’t either. He had two socks, his both feet were working, and he walked normally. But he just put one sock on one foot. He stood up and walked across his house with one sock. One foot was a bit more slippery on the floor than the other, but he didn’t mind. One foot felt a little colder than the other but he didn’t mind. He grabbed one shoe from the hallway and put it on. Now, the guy was wearing one sock and one shoe on one side, while his other foot was still naked. And then the craziest thing happened. He started to walk and he didn’t mind. He didn’t acknowledge the imbalance. It was a horrible thing to see. You could see the asymmetrical walk, an asymmetrical sight, and you could just feel his unpleasant way of walking through your body. This guy was a complete maniac. No rational person would ever do something strange like that.

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