The synchronous day

John woke up one day. He woke up exactly at the moment he felt ready to wake up. He put on his clothes and his wife said to him. Wow John, these clothes fit you perfectly. John kissed her goodbye and walked downstairs. His coffee was exactly ready with his last step. John walked to his car which turned on exactly when he stepped into it, and John drove to his work. Traffic was exactly like John expected. There were always traffic jams and today as well. John finally arrived at his work but didn’t look forward to it. He worked at accounting. He didn’t like it, but it made good money. He disliked his colleagues who always bragged about their gadgets, so today John’s colleagues were talking about their children, and John’s perception got confirmed, again that stupid bragging. John looked despised,  and his boss noticed that. He looked at John and asked him for a word. His boss said; you don’t really like your colleagues do you John? Usually John didn’t admit that, but today he wanted to tell the truth, so he said “No”. And do you even like your job John? John once again confirmed with “No, I am here for the money”. His boss hesitated but said “that’s okay, this company is all about making money so you fit perfectly here with that attitude”. But if you dislike your colleagues, they’ll always dislike you. John admitted that. He wanted to change that. So he approached Simon, one of the colleagues he disliked most, and tried to like him a little. John showed a picture of his cute kids, and Simon replied; wow, those kids are cute. Simon showed a picture of his lovely kids, and John thought those were lovely as well. John was happy. Simon was happy. Simon wanted John to join the usual Friday afternoon drink, that he usually didn’t attend. And John wanted that as well, they ordered a lot of beer together, and everyone got just as drunk, they danced in synchrony, and even laughed in synchrony. John went back with a taxi that just approached when he walked out the bar. And Simon was very pleased. He looked at his taxi driver and he had that same look on his face.

Thoughts behind this story:
I have been thinking quite a bit about “synchrony in life”, to understand how something like that should look like, I wrote this short story about John, finding a lot of synchrony with its environment.

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