Tom is a very nice man. Tom has a lovely wife and two young kids who he adores very much. He always treats everyone with respect and performs well at his job. He works hard to bring home money for his family. He took his grandmother back into his residence because she couldn’t take care of herself anymore. Tom donates money, and he volunteers in the weekend in the local shelter. But whenever Tom sees an insect, he likes to kill them. Not because he is scared of them. But he just doesn’t likes them. When Tom walks the streets he tries to step on as many bugs as he can. He loves to attract insects into his traps and then watches them drowning while they try to survive on the dead bodies of their fellow-species. Tom hates insects. That’s all.

Obviously, Tom is nice in most of the dimensions of his living; family, work, environment, etcetera. But then there is suddenly one thing, one dimension that deviates heavily. How does that make us feel about Tom in general? Do we now have a different opinion about him, and do the other dimensions feel less sincere now? I expect that some, if not most people, also regard Tom’s niceness towards his family for example, now just a little bit different. This story somewhat relates to the cases from celebrities who’s careers get destroyed by a “mistake” in the past on a different level (although most mistakes are much heavier than insect murder). How do we look at these people and their acting capabilities? This story in general is based on this theory I made a while ago.

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