Once there was Tom. Until now, Tom is nothing but Tom. You might think that Tom is a human and a man. But Tom is not, Tom is a rock. You might assume that Tom lies somewhere on this Earth. But Tom does not. Tom lies on Mars. It is probable that Tom is red. But Tom is not. In fact, Tom is one of the only rocks on Mars that is green. Moreover, Tom is the only rock in this universe that has the ability to roll over without any external influences. Tom is a really cool green rock on Mars. But nobody admires Tom because the other rocks are just rocks. Except Bob, Bob is a red Rock that can vibrate a little bit but not much more.

That is the nice thing about stories. With everything sentence you can make rules to your own universe and the readers just need to follow the fantasy. It is a story written by the author, in his own mental universe which could be wrong. About Tom, the green flipping rock on Mars.

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